What a Shoe Says About a Transgender Lady?

Women love shoes and transgender ladies are often of the same mindset, looking sexy while wearing all different sorts of adorable footwear. Shoes are often more than just a cute accessory. Did you know that you can tell a lot about a T-Girl just by noticing what kind of shoe she’s wearing? Here’s our take on TS Shoe Psychology.

The strappy stiletto – This TS lovely is ready to get fucked! She has broken out her most sexy shoe for you. Foot fetishists love to admire well-manicured toes that peek out of a strappy sandal and there are a lot of ladyboys who love showcasing their pedicures properly.

The sexy pump – A TS wearing a sexy pump may be in business. Regardless of when she wears it out with you, she might just be teasing you! A perfect choice for show-girls who enjoy watching you drool over her curvy feminine figure.

Cork wedges or Espadrilles – A transgender beauty wearing some cute cork wedges probably feels very comfortable and friendly towards you. She is looking for some fun and adventure, but more than just sex.

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Cute flats – A vibrant T-Girl wearing a slip-on flat is dressed to impress, and feels comfortable in her own skin. She’s ready for action – long walks around town, or other light dating activities.

Sneakers – Lucky you! Any cisgender who wears sneakers on the regular is very active. They usually have super hot bodies since they work out all the time and are still clinging to some of the attributes that helped them be great athletes in their earlier lives. Can you keep up with the sneaker T-girl?

Knee high boots – “Women who wear knee-high boots are confident and they want you to know it. They are reminiscent of dominatrix outfits so, high boots mean the ladyboy in your life wants to be in charge!” says Rita, a cisgender sweetheart, and a dating coordinator for TransexualHookups.com.

Ankle boots – These shorter boots often show that an older transsexual cougar is fun and flirty. She wants to show off her legs while still keeping her feet a little warmer than usual!

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