Trans Dating: What Does “She’s a Trap” Mean?

I heard this phrase recently in a TS chat room online, and I didn’t understand, so I had to investigate. This guy said “she’s a trap” to describe a sexy TS woman, which sounded ominous and mysterious at the same time. When I saw the term being used a few different times I asked someone to explain.

What I heard was surprising and in some ways it offended me. It seems if a trans woman is living the lifestyle well enough to pass as a genetic female without some kind of disclaimer on herself, ignorant people say she’s a trap for others who thought they were dating a woman because they don’t understand or accept the fact that a trans woman IS a real woman as well!

I recently met a woman named Alicia on She told me that sometimes people call her a trap, and honestly this gal has supermodel looks and a luscious body. In my eyes Alicia is the hallmark of feminine beauty, yet people seemed to think she was tricking them somehow. And she was rightfully upset by it. This is just another form or trans discrimination.

Our world should be celebrating all kinds of beauty, including all cisgender and transgender women. If another person is alluring to you, then celebrate the desire and lust and longing. Celebrate sexual stimulation and erotic release. When meeting new people, focus on how much they make you grow as a person and inspire you. These are the most important things in life. The next time someone says you’re a trap, take it as a form of flattery. The fact that they can’t tell what genetic gender you are is actually a testament to the fact that genetic gender is unimportant when compared to your own sense of self!

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