The Challenges of Meeting Trans Women

So you’ve been wondering where to meet a TS woman.

You’ve tried talking to your friends about it, but maybe you’re involved in a community where trans social awareness isn’t, well, aware.

Or maybe your desire for or connection with trans women is seen as a “dirty little secret”, so you keep your thoughts to yourself. All the while, you remain alone.

Unfortunately, most of the world is still not as fluid with gender as they’ve become with sexuality. Misconceptions around trans women are still alive and well. And, yes, some of us know that being with someone who is trans isn’t about kink, fetish, or a “lifestyle”. It is simply who we love.

Fortunately, we’re starting to see more and more people out in the open about being trans: sports figures, comedians, musicians, as well as documentary films being made about trans people from around the world. However, we still haven’t fully graduated.

In the past 15 years, trans people and bisexuals have been considered a sub-category under the gay and lesbian umbrella. Recently, in the past few years, trans has taken on a new category and community of their own. But sometimes, there’s no community at all, leaving trans women to float around without fitting into any political or social category. Some trans women don’t necessarily want to be “out” in the same way as some gays, lesbians, or other t-girls. Nor do most lovers of ts women feel compelled to enter queer-identified spaces, such as bars or night clubs, to find their ts partner. This can make it challenging for both trans women and the men who desire them.

This places the ts-girl hidden away, while leaving both her and her potential lovers in a conundrum. The t-girl wants to meet a lover who is open and desiring of her, and she wants to be honest about who she is without carrying a political flag.

So where do you go?

The best and most tailored-to-taste place to meet anyone is truly online. If you’re not sure where to start check out these TS Dating Sites. You can be the most open and honest about what you’re looking for because these are trans specific sites. Finding a partner online has become the most acceptable and popular destination. Whether you’re interested in transgenders, transexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, drag queens, or trans couples, they can all be found online.  One of the best sites I have found so far is; t by far presents the largest scope of ts individuals from all over North America.

Do you have a difficult time meeting trans women? Where do you find them?

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