Is She a Transexual? 7 Physical Traits That Give it Away

Unsure whether someone you’ve met is a transexual? Want to identify trans women more easily?

While none of these traits on their own are necessarily going to indicate that the sexy woman at the the bar is a transexual, put a few or more of them together and you may indeed be looking at a transgendered woman.

1. The size of her feet.
Generally, anyone born as a male is going to have larger feet than the average woman of the same height. Just remember: on it’s own, this or any of these traits is not enough. I have seen some women with very big feet!

2. A large or protruding adam’s apple.
On bio-women this generally doesn’t stick out. It can however be reduced through surgery.

3. Narrow hips.
This one is usually the dead give-away for me, particularly if the transwoman is thin. You might notice that the hips are the same width as the waist and very narrow.

4. Shoulders wider than hips.
A genetic woman’s shoulders are more similar in width to her hips.

5. Fake breasts or none at all.
If you’re any good at telling breast implants from the real thing, then this can also be a give-away when it comes with a few of the other physical traits listed.

6. Large hands.
Much like the large feet indication, check out their hands to see if they are unusually large. I have also seen it mentioned that in men, the ring finger is often longer than the  index finger, but not so on genetic women.

7. Less than feminine voice.
If you get a chance to make a little conversation, hearing the woman in question’s voice might clear things up for you.

As for whether she’s packing or not? Well, that’s going to be harder to tell and is beyond the scope of this post!

If you do find youself out with a woman and you really can’t tell whether they are transgendered or not, you’ll find some great tips in this wikiHow post: How to Know if Your Date is Transgendered, which contains some ideas for approaching the question with sensitivity.

Got anything to add to the list? Or perhaps some suggestions on how to approach someone when you’re unsure? Let’s talk about it in the comments..

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