Heterosexual Cross-dressing – What You Need To Know

Urges to cross-dress are hardly rare among men. For some it’s the silky feel of ladies’ underwear or the constriction of stockings, others get excited by the feminization and some like its transgressive aspects. Regardless of underlying motivation, the urge to cross-dress can be very powerful, even a compulsion, but if you are among the estimated 10% of men who have these desires, know that you are not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

When the general public hears cross-dresser, they immediately jump to the conclusion that the cross-dresser must be gay, or is transgender, and it’s not the case. According to those who have studied cross-dressers, 90% of men who cross dress are heterosexual, so if you fear that you might be homosexual due to your desire to don women’s clothes, you can put that fear aside, particularly if you don’t feel compelled to have sex with men. Your sexual identity – be it gay, straight, bi or asexual – is independent of the clothes one enjoys wearing.

While for some, cross-dressing is a gateway to their journey of the self-actualization of being transgender, for the overwhelming majority it is simply what it is and does not signify anything larger than enjoying the act of cross-dressing. Whether it’s just to experience being “pretty” or is a fetish incorporated into their sex lives, it’s normal and an important part of developing a true sexual identity.

For the vast majority of cross-dressers, finding a woman who is accepting or even encouraging of them exploring their feminine attributes will go a long way towards a happy and fulfilled life, both in and out of the bedroom. There are dating sites that cater to women seeking heterosexual relationships with cross-dressing men or women, where you can find the trans-girl of your dreams to participate in or encourage you to explore your own cross dressing fantasies.

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The worst thing you can do is deny your urges. Suppression can cause all sorts of damage to your psyche and relationships. Perhaps a bit simplistic, if the choice of a destroyed relationship was between alcoholism or wearing women’s panties, any rational person should choose the panties every time. Fighting your primal urges only leads to depression and self-loathing.

While some pursue cross-dressing as a means to explore their feminine side, a significant minority have what can only be described as a cross-dressing fetish, becoming sexually aroused by their feminization. Whether it’s cuckold fantasies, fetishes for particular women’s clothing, high-heeled shoes, or something else altogether, your exploration are just that, an exploration of your true identity. You might find that your greatest fears are completely unfounded, or you might discover new things about yourself. Either way it’s the journey, not the destination that matters most.

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