What I Like About Being Single

Single and looking? Or revelling in your lone wolf status?

Hello all you TS lovers. It’s been some time since I wrote a more personal blog post. Having gone through a recent breakup, I’m devoted to enjoying a happy single life for a while. (I have simply spent too much time on the dating treadmill!)  However, as any single person knows, it can occasionally get a bit lonely and all too easy to lament our solo status.

One thing I’ve been doing lately, to get away from negative thinking about the situation and avoid an all out pity party, is to remind myself of the totally awesome benefits of being single! This is the best of what I’ve got so far…

I do what I want, when I want.

Living alone… bliss!!

No guilt over wild nights. 😉

I finally get to watch all those movies my partner refused to watch.
(you know, those cheesy rom-coms etc.)

Seeing my friends more often and making new friends.
(even friends of the opposite sex, gasp!)

More time for hobbies. I’m actually reading again!

Less stress. Period.

Are you single? What do you enjoy most about it? Are you comfortable with your status or eager to hookup with someone new? Share in the comments below!

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