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3 Famous Transwomen Who Make TS Dating Even More Popular

Film Star and Papparazzi

In recent history, transgender women have been making headway and stepping into the spotlight more than ever before. Here are three transwoman who have stepped into the public eye and are working on paving the way for other trans people to gain more acceptance in the world.

1. Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic started out as a mysteriously beautiful and androgynous fashion model. Her willowy figure and unique look had many fashionistas very intrigued. She began modeling both men’s and women’s clothing, but earlier this year had gender reassignment surgery. “My biggest dream was to be comfortable in my own body,” she said. She chose to come out to the public in order to be a good role model to other LGBTQ people who may be experiencing discrimination and bullying.

2. Laverne Cox

As the only transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy in an acting category, Laverne Cox is widely considered one of the most outspoken advocates for LGBTQ people today. She can be seen in many interviews on mainstream media channels dispelling myths about trans women. You may know her best as Sophia on Orange is the New Black, but this award winning advocate is about much more than just an actress. She even sees her role on the show as a form of trans activism.

3. Janet Mock

Janet Mock is another huge advocate in the trans community. A transwoman herself, Janet works in NYC public schools to create programs geared specifically towards trans people. Janet can also be seen in the media setting the record straight about trans people. Her memoir, Redefining Realness, was released in early 2014 and was hailed as not just a story about a transgender woman, but a story about humanity in general.

All three of these women, just by existing in the public eye, are making space in the world for more brilliant and beautiful trans people to step forward and be recognized as equals. Since their rise to fame first began, the influx of new enthusiasts on transgender dating sites like TSmeet.com has skyrocketed. This increase is coming from both the transgender and traditional gender communities. It’s all about love, romance and sex right now… the walls are finally coming down.

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