Transgender Photography

Trans admirers come from all walks and find themselves romantically and sexually attracted to trans women for many different reasons.

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Whether you date cisgender women as well, or are exclusively attracted to trans girls, one thing is certain—there is something uniquely beautiful about transgender women. It’s hard to explain, and sometimes you wish other people saw it the way you do.

There are, in fact, people who do! Many artistic photographers have chosen trans women as subject matter for their work in hopes of capturing this particular quality. Since you’re a true connoisseur of beauty, here are some photographers and the work you’ll want to discover.

Virgenes de la Puerta: Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek

These photographers did a wonderful series capturing the stories and spirits of transgender women struggling to survive in Lima, Peru. The women pose in various backdrops and with assorted props that work with the theme of feminine deity. Catholicism and the Virgin Mary are deeply rooted in Peruvian culture, and the artists honor the trans women by juxtaposing them with the kind of traditional artwork that is familiar in Peru.

Les Amies de Place Blanche: Christer Strömholm

This out of print book is from 1983, and features the work of Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm. He took pictures of French transexual women who were working as prostitutes in order to save for reassignment surgery. Since you probably won’t be able to find this  book, the good folks at Transas City, a website serving the Kansas and  Missouri transgender communities, have gathered some amazing photos from this artist for us.

Mariette Pathy Allen

Photographer Mariette Pathy Allen has been taking photos of transgender folks for thirty years. Her beautiful images appear in Transcuba, a book that focuses on the experiences of trans women in Cuba. She aslo has black-and-white series on trans women from Thailand and an intriguing variety of other images capturing trans women and their wives or husbands, and trans women in fashions of their choice.

Reassign: Claudia González

Chilean photographer Claudia González creates a fascinating study by contrasting portraits of transgender people with their opposite self. Staging the studies from the same setting, with one image showing the subject as her birth self and one as her true self, a beautiful insight is given to the audience. The model gets to express something, too, in each image. She shows us how she is most comfortable and beautiful.

Allesandro Vincenzi

Alessandro Vincenzi ‘s photographic work addresses the fact that there are twenty-five-thousand transgender women living in Mumbai, and that trans women have been part of Indian culture for at least four thousand years. The photography captures the struggle and social problems faced by trans women, as well as their courage and beauty.

There are many other photographers who are taking pictures of transgender people, both FTM and MTF, as well as non-binary genders. This marks a movement in art and photography to document  as well as creatively define through art identities that have for too long been ignored.

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