Hip LGBTQ Terms

Words, words, words! They mean a lot. We’ve helped you out with lots of definitions of terms relating to the trans community, but just like with any group, slang and other terms come and go. Here are some hip and current terms, so you will always know what you’re talking about, and maybe even impress your LGBT friends.

Gender Queer: This is a term for anyone who falls outside of the cisgender male/female binary. Transgender people may or may not also identify as gender queer. Some other people who may feel they are gender queer are non-gender, or someone who has no gender, or gender fluid (someone who moves between genders depending on how they feel.) People who are gender queer may prefer ambiguous or androgynous pronouns as opposed to “he” or “she.” These include Ze, Hir, They/Their, and Sie.

Queer: If you’re looking for a word that describes anyone outside of heterosexuality and the gender binary, look no further. Queer means exactly this. It’s a re-appropriated term that was originally used in a derogatory fashion towards homosexuals, but has since been reclaimed and turned into a sexual and political movement. Erin, an editor at TSmeet.com, told us, “Queer is often used by people who don’t identify as strictly lesbian, gay, or bisexual. “However, be aware that not all LGBTQ community members identify as queer.”

LGBT Hop: This term refers to a music movement of LGBT hip hop artists and performers. The movement started in California in the 90’s and was underground at first. Now, there are many famous LGBT Hop artists. Big Freedia, who is well known for his New Orleans booty bounce hit “Ass Everywhere,” is not trans but wears women clothes and and carries a purse. “I answer to either he or she,” he said in an interview. Yolanda, a moderator at TransgenderHookups.com, explained, “Big Freedia is one hip hop artist who is paving the way. He’s already inspired many new LGBT artists to get their music out there.”

Check out this video for “Mo Azz” by Big Freedia:
[youtube id=”U8pXf9idEQY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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