Trans Travel: Transgender Vacations and Resorts

The travel industry has been slow to develop trans specific vacations and resorts, even as options for gay and lesbian travellers have increased over recent years. However, progress continues and more choices for transgender people and their supporters are now becoming available. Take a look at these transgender and LGBT friendly vacations:

Transgender & LGBT Resorts

Resorts that cater only to the transgender community haven’t quite made it to the mainstream. So, rather than hunting for trans-only options, transgender travellers should take a look LGBT resorts, or even resorts for everyone who is considered LGBT friendly.

You may want to join, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. They can help connect you with LGBT-friendly businesses all over the world, as well as provide planning tips and trip ideas. Or check out World Rainbow Hotels, who only do bookings with “certified gay and lesbian welcoming hotels.”

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Transgender Friendly Retreats & Hotels

Another option is to avoid the resorts altogether. If you already know where you’d like to visit, try searching directly for transgender-friendly accommodations or niche travel agents in the area. For example, while looking for transgender vacations in Hawaii, I found, which offers a beautiful retreat that openly welcomes trans travellers and even notes that they have transgender men and women on staff and in management positions. Unique vacation spots like this may be just the thing to truly get away from it all and be yourself, in a place that embraces diversity.

Want to go off the beaten track and forgo expensive, organized travel altogether? The Huffington Post published a list of small cities and towns in the US that are good options for the LGBT community. Cities like New York and San Francisco are no-brainers, but why not explore somewhere new?

Transgender Cruises

Gay and lesbian cruises have been around for awhile, but the first transgender cruise set sail just recently, in December 2014. Transgender Travel and Royal Caribbean put the cruise together, booking a block of spots for trans travellers and LGBT-friendly guests. The 2015 transgender cruise takes place November 7-12 and will be sailing from Tampa, Florida and making stops in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. You can find more information on Transgender Travel’s events.

Can you recommend any great resorts or vacations for transgender women and men?

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