Trans Comic Book Heroine Lord Fanny

5 Reasons to Check out Lord Fanny

1. She is a super hot pre-op trans lady sorcerer. Fanny is one of the main players in the anarchist revolutionary society know as The Invisibles. They’re main agenda? To tear down our so-called society and free us of all from the evils of the apocalyptic conspiracy that governs mainstream civilization. High fashion super spies use the magic of John Lennon and LSD to evoke havoc on those who hope to exercise eternal control over the sheep-like masses.

2. She is a survivor. She grew up as Hilde Morales in the meanest and poorest slums of Rio de Janeiro, an environment rife with random violence and death where she learned quickly what it takes to survive.

3. She has deep family roots. Fanny turns to her grandmother, the most feared and respected Bruja in the slum, when she needs help against an enemy or an impossible cure for a deadly malady. After Hilde’s mother was stabbed to death during Mardi Gras, her grandmother adopted her and passed along her knowledge and power. At age 7, Hilde was introduced to the world of fancy dresses and makeup kits, so the spirits and entities who were drawn to her family would consider her a girl and accept her as a witch.

4. She is fearless. After her extremely dangerous initiation into the realm of magic it was revealed that her patron goddess was the terrifying Tlazlteotl, a headless corpse deity of lust and filth that gave Fanny his heart. Later she summoned another god who went by the even harder name to pronounce, Michtlantecuhtli, a creepy skeleton with yellow blotches and a dunce cap. He bestowed upon her great magical powers all because Fanny had the moxy to make the daemon laugh.

5. She can do most anything. Fast forward a few years, and Fanny is living as a prostitute, but gives it up because, well, she had other things to do! Soon after she was recruited by the secret-party animal insurgents known as The Invisibles, where she adopted the moniker Lord Fanny and began her career as a fabulously dressed disruptor of the dull and dour. Utilizing all the cosmic power of sex magic and casual drugs to free those brainwashed by the super boring and terrifyingly mean conglomerate leaders – the 1%.

Ford Fanny

Her countless memorable moments include heading back in time to recruit the Marquis de Sade, stabbing the very hostile demon serial killer Orlando in the eye with one of her high heels, casting a spell by masturbating onto a photo of an aircraft carrier while imagining the National Enquirer catching her in a hotel room while Bigfoot went down on her, and blowing up a government facility building so that The Invisibles could steal the cure for AIDS.

Lord Fanny is simply the best comic book character ever!

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