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Gender transition is often described as a journey, but actually going on a journey can be both rewarding and enlightening, whether you’re a trans woman or an admirer, though it is best to know how you’re likely to be received on the other end.

For trans travellers, trips to large urban centers in liberal countries are relatively low-risk. But if you’re travelling by plane, particularly internationally, it’s important that your travel documents and passport match your present status, lest you be forced to spend time at every checkpoint, trying to explain the reasons why your papers don’t appear to match the person standing in front of the overworked, underpaid, and often grumpy security and immigration officials. In these days of enhanced security, you will be screened, run through metal detectors, and your bags may be searched, so dress accordingly to eliminate or minimize metal on your person and anything else that will subject you to increased scrutiny.

As previously stated, large liberal cities with active LGBT communities are good travel destinations. Not only will there be like-minded people about, but these destinations, not coincidently, usually offer the most dynamic experience of culture, nightlife, and opportunities to socialize with the locals without fear.

Whether you’re transgender, transexual, or an admirer, trans dating sites can provide you with information on what’s what, from what the hottest club in the area is to which museums are “musts” when visiting. On most sites, it’s as easy as switching your location to be instantly connected to the locals. Most people have pride in their communities, so if you send them a message to explain you’ll be visiting and would like the low-down, most people are more than happy to help out.

If you’re clever and respectful, contacting people on dating sites in the area that you’re planning to visit can easily lead to an in-person meeting. Whether you’re a trans enthusiast looking to meet a T-girl on a trip to Thailand or a trans woman looking to meet men while visiting New York City, reaching out to members of the local community can quickly fill your schedule with dates, as you’re a person who can provide some exciting, unexpected fun.

With the right preparation your vacations can be real adventures, make you friends across the globe, and provide memories to treasure forever. So pick your favorite city, reach out to the local community for pointers and/or dates, and have (safe) blast!

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