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Some people enjoy an androgynous look for a fashion model, and many trans people have found success this way, but what about those who have made it as an all out transgender person? There are quite a few who are gorgeous and feminine. Here are some of our favorites:

Ines Rau, 24, is a French model who is Maghreb, or North African. She was discovered in Paris by a scout after undergoing gender reassignment surgery. She has an incredibly sexy and feminine look, which has gotten her photo shoots in Lurve and Playboy. Check out Ines Rau on Instagram.

Lauren Foster is a 57-year-old model who is considered to have broken ground for other trans women since starting modelling in the 1980s. She has Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which means that instead of the typical XY chromosome denoting male gender, she has XXY, making her gender ambiguous, and a choice up to her. She chose to be a woman, and we are glad she did. She is the only trans girl to be featured on the Real Housewives franchise and has been featured in high fashion photo spreads in Vogue Magazine.

Amelia Maltepe is an Indian-Canadian trans model. After moving to Canada to study in 2009, she discovered there was a word for the gender dysphoria she felt, and started to transition to become a woman, getting gorgeous breast implants and working on some laser hair removal. This gorgeous and exotic looking woman wants to compete for the title of Miss World, hoping to break down barriers for transwomen in the world of high stakes pageants!

“Having a trans gal compete on the mainstream pageant circuit would be amazing,” gushes Terry Tanner, of Transgender Hookups, “It would open up a lot of doors, and I would definitely watch a beauty like Amelia!” See Amelia’s Instagram photos.

So, who is your favorite trans model?

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