Trans Woman Runs for House of Delegates

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Transgender woman Danica Roem, a journalist in Virginia, has officially been nominated as candidate for the Democratic Party for the 13th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

The feisty, fierce and fearless Danica made history as the first trans woman to run for the Virginia House of Delegates, and history will be made again when she wins!

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The possibility of victory in November is very promising for the bombshell brunette. She’s up against Republican Bob Marshall, whose ill-thought-through positions aren’t very popular, even with his own party. For example, he has said that women who have abortions may be punished with disabled offspring later on, a gaffe that offended everyone across all party lines.

If Danica wins, she would be one of the very few openly transgender state legislators to hold office in the United States and among the very rare number of elected officials worldwide who are openly trans.

True, Marshall has served thirteen terms so far in the House of Delegates, but the district voted Clinton in the 2016 election, and Roem is both popular and highly regarded. She was a reporter and editor at newspapers including the Prince William Times and the Gainesville Times, and that decade as a journalist gave her an intimate overview of all the issues facing her community and what the people she wants to serve want and need in a house delegate.

In that time period, Danica won seven Virginia Press awards.

Part of her broad appeal is that she approaches issues that face her community from a perspective of unity rather than separatist identity politics. She points out that transgender or LGBTQ issues are human issues, most of which effect everyone, not just one group. Human rights, traffic, taxes, and education are all important subjects at the community level and they are areas where different people actually have the same needs and goals.

Danica had eighty volunteers campaigning for her, but was also hitting the trail herself with a notebook where she jotted down what people were saying, wanting to remember the concerns of real people along the way.

Danica Roem is also a longtime enthusiast of Swedish Death Metal, singing and playing guitar for a decade for a heavy metal band called Cab Ride Home.

“Just because I sing in a heavy metal band while spinning my head in circles and getting paid to do it, why can’t I run for government? Why would I have to change who I am in order to run for government? I’ve already had to go through transformative change,” Danica told writer Kim Kelly at Noisey Vice.

Well, rock and roll!

Here’s hoping Danica runs for president in the next election!

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