Traci Baker: First Trans Political Party Executive in USA

Oklahoma Gay Pride State

Bravo to young transgender political pioneer Traci Baker of Oklahoma, for becoming the country’s first transgender party executive. The twenty-year-old dynamo has become state secretary for the Libertarian Party!

Think the Democrats are insanely idiotic on economics and issues of freedom and responsibility, and the Republicans are callous and ignorant on social concerns? The last American election revealed a nation that was dangerously polarized… yet we also know people were voting in droves away from a presidential candidate rather than towards one. Both Clinton and Trump drew hostility and ire from their own parties and the opposition, and few people had unquestioning support for either of them as leaders.

The fact that there are other options, we often forget. In both America and Canada, the Libertarian parties are seen by many as the solution, as a sensible choice that emphasizes personal freedom and personal responsibility.

Libertarians have not been without controversy, with their emphasis on the free market and anti-globalist isolationism, but many see them asserting common-sense ideas from the left and right and throwing aside the extremes. They support transgender rights, and all human rights while also emphasizing that no one gets a free ride: everyone must work together.

Traci told KGOU News in Oklahoma, “I was always more fiscally conservative. I would say that most of my family is economically liberal and socially conservative.” Raised Republican, Traci couldn’t stay that way because her socially liberal views clashed with theirs. She wasn’t willing to compromise. Jumping to the Democrats didn’t work for her either. In seeking a political home that jived with her needs and experiences, she became active with her local Libertarians.

Baker hopes to reach out to other young people who vote overwhelmingly Democrat, and show them that Democrat doesn’t need to be the default party for youth concerns. The alternative to Democrat is Libertarian, not Republican.

“I think the Libertarian Party is the most successful with younger people who are overwhelmingly rejecting old party politics, especially after the 2016 election.”

Perhaps Libertarians are older than either party, in the sense that they espouse classical or true liberal values, where contemporary liberals, who support state sanctions and dictates for social issues, are liberal in name only. Libertarians might be classed best with the old adage, “Live and let live.” They support low taxes, same sex marriage, ending prohibition and imprisonment for drug use, ending capital punishment, staying out of other nations’ wars, and lowering the drinking age.

Coming out libertarian coincided for Traci with coming out transgender. She is an inspiration for following her dreams and beliefs to make a difference in the world.

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