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5 Transgender Superstars

Film Star and Papparazzi

High profile transgender celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner have helped to inform and educate people about transgender existence, issues, and human rights. But there are many other trans super humans who are making their mark.

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5 Trans Superstars

1. Jenna Talackova
Canadian beauty queen, vegan PETA spokesmodel, reality TV star, and Vancouver Pride Parade grand marshal, Jenna Talackova rose to fame when competing for Miss Universe Canada in 2012.

She was outed as transgender and disqualified, then reinstated after it was determined that Talackova met Canada’s legal definition for female, and therefore there was no problem with her participation in the contest. The stunning young Jenna is part aboriginal, part Czech, and 100% woman.

2. Raffi Freedman-Gurspan
Raffi Freedman-Gurspan is the first trans person ever to work at the White House, where her post as director of outreach and recruitment for presidential personnel was recently followed up with an added role of lead liaison for transgender issues. Her beautiful, beaming smile is matched only by her brilliance.

Raffi is not your average American girl. She is a Latina born in Honduras and she is Jewish, having been raised in New York City. At university, she majored in political science and Norwegian studies. She has been active in the promotion of civil rights for transgender people ever since, including a role as policy advisor on racial and economic justice at National Center for Transgender Equality.

3. Lady Chablis
The charming African-American southern belle is a longstanding cabaret performer and the self-described Empress of Savannah. She has been the star performer at Savannah’s Club One for over twenty years. The Lady rose to fame when an acquaintance was implicated in an unusual murder story, and she petitioned to play herself in the movie that resulted, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It was a relatively minor role but the one everyone remembers twenty years later.

Chablis is a hypnotic, larger than life personality who lives with all the class and sensuality her name suggests, along with a megadose of funny. Her autobiography is called Hiding My Candy, and comes complete with a beauty guide and recipes.

4. Amelia Gapin
Amelia Gapin is a trans woman who blogs about running. Her candor is generous and shy at the same time, and somehow compulsive reading even if you have zero interest in marathons. Her blog covers all kinds of  honest inner struggles and observations about living trans and about athletics and biology from her unusual perspective in transition.

In July 2016, Amelia is cover girl for Women’s Running magazine. “Being on the cover of Women’s Running is about being seen and visible as the woman that I am, and refusing to live my life in secret.”

It’s standing up and saying trans people can be anything they want to be.

5. Blaire White
Mouthy, politically incorrect, smart Blaire White pisses those who diss for two reasons: she is against everything trans women are supposed to think, and she’s hotter than everyone else on the planet.

The young computer science whiz grew tired of the politicization of transgenderism and all the pundits who claimed to speak for her, and she started commenting on YouTube. She quickly made enemies by refusing to toe the party line on science, gender, feminism, and the upcoming election. She also made thousands of fans almost overnight—people hungry for a different perspective. Blaire’s opinions are provocative, witty, and infuriating, depending.  


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