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4 Prolific Transgender Artists

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Meeting trans women isn’t just about browsing profiles and pics or whether you both like Mexican or French food. Your trans dates appreciate it if you are curious or knowledgeable about issues and cultural contributions of relevance to them.

Next time you agree to a date, ask your lady for her views on some barrier-breaking trans artists. It’s truly fascinating how many transgender artists work from such a variety of media perspectives, easily crossing creative genres and categories. Here are a four women who are sure to inspire!

Nina Arsenault has made herself famous (or infamous!) with her brazen, over-the-top personality. Her creativity is expressed through writing, dance, theatre, photography, visual art, modeling, acting, and teaching as a university professor of drama.

I think it’s safe to say that Nina and her body itself are the artwork. She explores the boundaries of gender and biology and construct through various media including countless surgical procedures to remodel her body like a sculpture. Part of the act of medical morphing was funded through sex work.

Arsenault can be too intense, showy, and political for the average person including some transgender folks who would rather lay low. But she is a supernova, a brilliant scholar, and fearless activist who will go down in history as an important cultural icon, bringing transgender issues into the public eye.

Justin Vivian Bond is another multi-talented, trans artist in New York. This Broadway performer, watercolour painter, and writer has won numerous awards, and penned one of the best trans memoirs of all: TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels.

Juliana Huxtable is a DKNY model, video performer, DJ, poet, and photographer. Juliana’s art shines a light on “being disenfranchised of what most people take for granted – desirability, respectability, employability, safety…”  

Ryka Aoki is a writer, professor, performer, artist, poet, and judo black belt. A former national judo champion, Ryka is founder of the International Transgender Martial Arts Alliance. She has performed at multiple trans festivals and other performance events around the world, and her writing has appeared in trans anthologies. Her publications include a novel, two collections of poetry, and essays.

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