Woman Leaving after Sex

Why to Avoid First Date Sex

For some, first date sex is beyond exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s intoxicating. It’s validating. And it also bonds two people together. For

Worried Man

I Love TS Women, Am I Gay?

Ohhhhh, gender, gender, gender. Who said we could fuck with you? While we ruminate on that for a moment… OHHHHH, sexuality, sexuality,

Man Helping Woman out of Car

Treat Her Like a Lady

Striking out with the Lady(boy)s? Set your wild desires aside for a moment and focus on treating her like the lady she

Man Whispering to Woman

Complimenting Trans Women

It can feel awkward to meet and get to know trans women, and ts dating can bring even more nerves about, especially

Men Chasing Woman

The Tranny Chaser Dilemma

Tranny chasers love trans women, but trans women are not always so enthusiastic in return. This odd match-up sent me down the

Flirting Couple

How to Find Transsexual Hookups

The most popular way to find yourself a transsexual isn’t very different than how you would go about finding a non-transsexual hookup,