MTF Transition Procedures and Surgeries

You don’t want to bombard your transgender date with rude personal questions that are none of your business, but you do want to be educated and supportive with some knowledge of the procedures your girlfriends might go through.

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Just so that you’ll have a clue what she’s talking about when she chooses to divulge, here is a list.

MTF Transition Procedures and Surgeries

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most transexual persons will take hormones that reflect the gender they identify with.

Taking estrogen will lower testosterone and help to feminize a body so that it looks and feels more in line with how a trans woman identifies. Since everyone already makes both male and female sex hormones in various ratios, some trans women don’t need to take estrogen because they make enough on their own. This is an exception, however.

HRT can be a stressful rocky road at the start. some trans women report feeling moody and overwhelmed, but most feel relieved and more like their true selves quickly.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

For many trans women, taking estrogen is more than enough to develop the womanly breasts that reflect her true nature. But just like any woman, she may decide she wants to improve on nature and have implants.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery

There are all kinds of surgical interventions available, but when  you see “pre-op” and “post -op” in trans dating profiles it’s referring to one thing—whether a woman has had sexual reassignment surgery. This is when a woman’s genitals are restructured (penile inversion or “bottom surgery”) and a vagina is created from the sensitive nerves already present.

Electrolysis and Hair Removal

Like cis women, some trans women have more body or facial hair to contend with. For many, taking estrogen solves male hair patterns. Women can choose from a wide variety of techniques to temporarily or permanently remove facial, back, forearm, and pubic hair if desired.

Facial Feminization

Some trans women object to the idea of constantly carving themselves and stick with the basics, but there are dozens of possible procedures from chin augmentation to nose reduction. These procedures are not specific to trans women, and are available to anyone. But in the case of a transgender gal, the goal is to make her face more closely match her self-perception.

Calf and Butt Augmentation

Fat transplants or implants can add more curvature to calves and buttocks. Many trans women recognize that there is a huge variety of body types among women, from pin thin to round and rolling. However, these options do exist.


Whoa, that’s a mouthful. Or a throat full. Also known as the trachea shave, or the Adam’s apple reduction.

Vocal Cord Surgery

Sounds painful, and it might be. More often than not, estrogen is all that’s required. Speaking more softly or in a more feminine way comes naturally to many trans women, but it can also be learned through acting school techniques which are far less invasive.

Various surgical methods of softening the voice are available, from shortening the vocal cords, to injecting them with fat or other products.

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