How to Be a Sexy Man

Trans women want a sexy man, and it’s really not that hard to exude the sex appeal that will draw more women to you. When someone asks you why you find a person sexy, it’s often something you can’t explain. It’s intangible… or is it? Here are a few qualities that I can point to that make a man sexy to a woman.

I’ve dated my fair share of insecure men because they are usually very sweet (cautious because of their lack of confidence). I’m over it now because those same men often become possessive or jealous down the line. Confidence is alluring and suggests a man is comfortable with who he is and what he wants. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance sometimes, so you just have to make sure you don’t cross it.

When a man has interests or hobbies that turn him on, this turns a woman on. There’s nothing more sexy than a man who is passionate about something – whether that’s a playing an instrument, building funiture, or learning a new language. Men who don’t have interests come across as boring and stagnant. It’s sexy to be growing in all areas of your life, and this should never stop, no matter how old you are. Always be sure to include these in your online dating profile.

Of course, sexy carries into the bedroom. You can have all the confidence in the world, but if you lack it as a lover, it doesn’t matter. A woman is going to assume that if you have swagger, that you’re going to be good when you make love, so be sure to back yourself up. You’re obviously not going to be all that at age twenty, and maybe not even at thirty. Becoming a great lover takes practice. And every trans woman you meet will have new needs and desires to explore and satisfy.

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What makes you a sexy man?

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