Anal Sex Positions for You and Your Trans Lover

What guy doesn’t love anal sex? One of the most common complaints men have is that their girlfriend doesn’t care for it often, or for some poor sods, ever. Lucky for you guys, there are many a trans woman who love anal!

Like many cis women, some transgender women don’t feel sex play is complete without intercourse, not if she’s “going all the way.” If she is pre-op or has opted out of operations, and doesn’t have a vagina, but still wants to be penetrated, her asshole is her primary erotic center.

Yes, you have died and gone to heaven! Here are a few great positions to take you there.

Doggie Style

This is the classic position for anal sex, no matter who is doing it or getting it done. It’s the all purpose position for anal that works for cis het couples, t-girls and their beaus, men, women fucking women from behind with a strap on… or any combination at all.

It probably needs no introduction, but it’s simple—the bottom, or receiver, gets on all fours and you get to kneel behind. This allows the bottom to support herself on her arms and knees while freely being able to move her hips. As the man, you get to watch that cock sliding in and out of her ass, and you are perfectly balanced upright on your knees. You can grab her hips and move them around on your cock.

The Lap Dancer

This one is super fun for variety, or for using in sexy role plays.

If you’ve ever been to a transgender strip club and wished you could shove your shaft straight up the dancer’s back door, teased to hell by a glimpse of a rosebud hole under that skinny white thong as she humps your lap, this one’s for you.

Basically, you sit on a sofa or chair, and she mounts your dick by sitting on your lap, facing away. She needs strong thighs to keep this going, but beginners needn’t worry—this one’s so hot it won’t take long!

Reverse Cowgirl

I always love straddling my man, and two things make it hotter—cowboy boots and reversing it to face his feet. Men love the sight of butt that results, and it’s even better if his dick is up my ass instead of my pussy.

My trans girlfriend Keishawna loves this position because it “really lets me grind my ass down and feel his whole thing as deep in me as it can go.”


Missionary has an unnecessary association with the mundane, but there’s a reason why it’s the most common position and the go-to one when we think of “having sex.”

Face to face is very intimate and allows a lot of making out and touching. When you’re in a relationship with a woman, this is really important to her. Hopefully it’s important to you too! Even if it’s casual, kissing and touching is how a woman gets more aroused and ready.

For the trans woman who doesn’t want too much attention focused on her penis but still finds some stimulation there enjoyable, the friction of your torso on her cock is divine. For men who are turned on by shemale anatomy, it’s hard to beat the thrill of holding her legs up in the air and looking down at her cock and balls and yours underneath it, burying itself in her ass.

If her designer pussy has been installed but isn’t ready to test drive yet, the stimulation of your cock rubbing over it while it pounds her ass can be exciting for both of you.

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