5 Ways to Make Love to Your Trans Lover (without Vaginal Penetration)

The genitals aren’t EVERYTHING that matters in sex and lovemaking! They are but one point of connection and potential collaboration, but as any imaginative intimate lover knows: the genitals are often not allowed to enter the agenda at various places and times.

One must respect the rules and adhere to the boundaries… unless you want to be the person pushing the heavy PDA agenda and have people say, “Get a room!” The choice is yours, ha ha.

Even if you DO get a room, that doesn’t mean you have to be fucking each other in it, or rubbing and exploring how each of your genitals connect in that scenario. It’s just not a requirement for a meaningful connection between people.

It’s good to always be exploring one’s options and intentions for more ways to have fun without fucking, no matter who its with. Transgender or cisgender, this is facts. So, don’t rush for the grand finale every time. Take the scenic route with these suggestions in mind.

5 Sexy Play Ideas without Vaginal Penetration

1. Kissing

It’s a part of romance that is underrated and underexplored in this oral-heavy culture, but old-school make-out kissing could really be the ticket to turning on your trans partner, and showing them things that make them feel more comfortable.

2. Massage

This year, we ALL need as much intimacy as we can possible scrounge together, all things considered. So many of us need touch, and trans folk are no different. If one is in a position where they could offer an erotic massage, a back rub or foot rub, then please by all means, do it generously. I could use one right now, LOL!

3. Breast Play

A favorite of mine! Breast play is something that usually can be gently nudged into new boundaries with a little bit of asking or playing around! Some people like to be bitten on the nipples, some people like tickling and teasing. I met someone who like their massive breasts slapped.

Depending on their circumstances, obviously there are different possibilities for trans breasts to be presented. Please be curious, kind, compassionate, and creative when playing.

4. Anal Sex

For various reasons, a trans person can have different levels of comfort and acceptance, or even post-surgery healing, from changes and transitions that happen in their life. If one of those choices makes them decide to not engage in vaginal intercourse, then there remains the option of anal play!

It’s not for everyone, and must be taken sloooooow, especially if it’s their first time. Never force or shame if it doesn’t work out, or gets messy. Speaking from experience, anal sex with a trans person is sometimes the easiest and most awesome option. And anal play can be non-penetrative too, or penetrative with fingers, butt plugs, and strap-ons.

5. Role Playing

Role play is so much fun, you often forget about penetration. And it’s the perfect avenue for creative creatures who like to get kinky. There are so many ways to play that include dressing up, accessories and toys.

You can mix in any of the first four lovemaking ideas, and then take to the friendly skies—be a stewardess, or be the Trans President of America and have sex in the Oval Office! You can do whatever you want as long as its consensual and the play is not fetishizing or disrespectful—nothing ruins a fantasy faster.

FYI: You know you can make up #6 to #10 to #100 if you want. Please do!

What would make your top-ten list for non-penetrative play? Please share in the comments!

Adhimu Stewart

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