Breast Play Tips for Your Trans Hookups

Breast play is very delicate and particular. There are ostensibly no two breasts that are exactly alike in weight, size and nipple placement, but there probably are a few people who have perfectly symmetrical breasts. Though it truly does NOT matter, since most things that come in pairs on the body—breasts, testicles, eyes, ears, feet, and hands—are not exactly the same.

And it’s okay, because they are still obviously fun to play with, whether balanced, off-balance, woman, trans or man. Lots of people have nipples! Lots of people don’t have nipples! They both are fun! Many people have breast fetishes. Lots of people prefer ass. No biggie. I quite like to make time and space for them both, personally. But I DO like me a pair of woman’s breasts, no matter the amplitude.

I can have fun with breasts and the person they came with! What a foursome it is, ha ha. I’ve had people who want their breasts sucked, squeezed, slapped, scratched, massaged, pinched and even bitten.

One of my trans lovers was blessed with a bounteous and ample bosom, and he was very kind in letting me play with his breasts for long periods of time, I was more than happy to oblige! What kind of experimentation did we get up to? Let me share a few with you.

Breast Play Ideas for You and Your Trans Lover

Sweet and Salty

If you have a sweet tooth, why not try slathering your partner’s breasts with chocolate icing, licking and kissing them clean. If savory is more to your taste buds, sprinkle crushed nuts or dill pickle chip crumbs before the big lick.

Wet and Warm

This combination of sensations always makes for a sensual evening. Massage oils for a primo massage that starts and finishes with the breasts is something my lovers never refuse. For a finale you can use a flogger to tease and please.

Cross Dress-Up

Share intimate clothing, exchanging bras and chest harnesses back and forth to see each other in different looks. Shower her with new undergarments and take a photo shoot topless to showcase her beautiful bosom.

Light Imact Play

Try the Wartonburg wheel over the nipples and any scar markings if they are not too sensitive. If your lover like more than a delicate touch, engage in impact play with slaps, punches, rubs and pressure to determine the level of pain and pleasure.

The fun thing about breasts, bodies and sex, is that there is ALWAYS some new twist, turn and tweak on the fun things we already do now, so you can add on to these or make up more of your own at any point you want! But also, never forget the basics like kissing and caressing!

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Adhimu Stewart

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