Tips for Role Playing with Your TS Lover

Sexual role playing is a great way to bring fun into the bedroom with your TS lover. It can be kink lite or veer into a deeper BDSM scenario. You can expect to uncover and explore you and your partner’s secret desires and fantasies while having fun.

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I’ve been role playing for several years and came upon it quite naturally. I was lying around naked with a partner who I felt very comfortable with, when I began talking like a school girl and addressing him as Mr. (his surname). His eyes opened wide and he took to the role of teacher readily. This led to a little spanking and later to bondage in other roles. We always kept it fun and playful which is how I still like it.

Role Play Tips for Beginners

1. Find a partner you trust. Getting kinky with a first-time hookup isn’t recommended, especially if you want to engage in power play that involves one of you being submissive. You want to be comfortable and know that your lover won’t push your boundaries.

2. Keep expectations low. With any sexual exploration, you don’t want to be disappointed. And that’s easy if you’ve let your fantasies get the best of you. We all know sex isn’t like you see in the movies. It’s sometimes awkward and strange, but hopefully fun too!

3. Choose a scenario that suits both you and your partner. Dominant and submissive people are often attracted to one another, and this lends itself nicely to many popular role plays like teacher/student, doctor/patient, and boss/employee. What’s important is that you’re both excited about the scene.

4. Talk about boundaries and safety. I recommend discussing these when you’re just hanging with your partner, not right before you play as it may put a damper on the fun. I think it’s also a good idea to talk after about what turned you on, and also what didn’t work for you.

5. Keep it simple. If you’re a beginner, all you need is your imagination and a little moxie. You don’t have to worry about props and costumes (although you’ll want to if you fall in love with role playing.) Just focus on your partner and having fun to begin with… the rest will follow.

What other tips can you offer to make the most of a role playing experience?

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