4 Tips for Anal with Your Trans Lover

Like a lot of women, I never really gave anal play or sex much thought until it was actually happening. I’m not saying these were bad experiences, I just would have liked more mental preparation, so I wouldn’t have felt felt so self-conscious. I’m not only talking about a penis up my ass either, a few fingers and toys have made there way up there too.

As a thoughtful lover, read these tips before you go anal with your sexy trans lover.

4 Anal Tips before You Dive In

  1. Test the waters by talking about it. Once you feel comfortable flirting and teasing and talking about sex, bring up the A word. Has she tried it? Did she like it? Would she do it again? There’s such a wide range of feelings from women when it comes it anal, it would be helpful to know where your lady lands on the spectrum.
  2. Respect her preparation. Like I said, I never really expected to have anything going in my back door, so it was always sans preparation. If she wants to have a shower or enema before, that’s her choice but don’t expect either of these things from her.
  3. Use lube and go slow. This is especially important for first timers or if your cock is on the large side. You can always use smaller objects to have her get used to something going in for the first time such as a finger, butt plug, or small dildo.
  4. Be ready to reciprocate. Much like oral, women feel a lot more into something they know their partner would also try, whether that actually happens or not. It might be her cock that goes in you if she still has one and likes to use it, or she may want to don a strap-on.

What tips for anal can you offer? Please leave a comment!

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