4 Tips for Setting the Hookup Mood

Living in a hookup culture means having sex on a first date isn’t that rare. This can either be sex with no strings attached, or the beginning of something more meaningful. Either way, it’s likely you will be asking your date back to your place if a hookup is in the cards. I always recommend a man ask a woman home first, but be willing to go to her place if that’s where she feels safe and comfortable. As someone who has gone back to more than a few men’s abodes, I’ve seen the spectrum… from disgusting bachelor pads to ritzy penthouse apartments. The state of your apartment can influence not just whether you will get laid, but how good the sex is going to be. And you don’t have to have a fancy expensive pad to woo a woman.

How to Set the Mood for Hooking Up at Your Place

1. Make it Just the Two of You. I understand that not everyone can afford their own super deluxe hookup pad, so if you do have a roommate, plan your hookups when you know they are out or away, or give them advance warning if you want to use the common living area for flirting and foreplay. If they can’t take a hint, be prepared to hang out in your bedroom.

2. Clean beforehand. It’s not attractive when you bring a lady back home and then spend the first ten minutes throwing out empty food cartons or picking up dirty clothes from the floor. How you keep your place says a lot about you, and even if this is a one-night only affair, a pleasing environment will make her feel relaxed.

3. Offer Food and Drinks. Water and a half-eaten bag of potato chips just won’t cut it. Have a variety of alcoholic and non on offer, as well as some tasty nibbles. And if the night turns into a sleepover, there’s nothing better to keep things going than breakfast in bed.

4. Add a Touch of Romance. A hookup wants to feel special, even if it’s just for a night. It’s not too difficult to have a few sexy things on hand that will turn up the heat. These might include candles, sexy music, handcuffs, massage oils, or aromatic bubblebath. These can all help put her in the mood.

How to Be a Lover She Will Remember

What tips can you add for a sexy hookup?

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