Being Transgender is Separate from Sexuality

Sexuality and gender are commonly placed into the same basket without any thought. Perhaps because in the English language, the word sex can also mean gender. But we’re here to set the record straight. Sex is more of a medical term, referring to a person’s biological characteristics. Gender is sometimes called “the sex of the brain.” When the two do not align, that person is transgender, a-gender or gender queer. Making this confusing differentiation becomes even more complex because there is not one standard definition for transgenderism. Just like in the general population, everyone is different.

The point here, is that while gender and sex are related, at least in terms of how a person defines themselves in the world, gender and sexuality are separate. Sexuality has to do with who a person prefers to date, and how they like to have sex. It’s a common misconception that transgender women are just very effeminate gay men. That’s not so because transgender women are not men, and not all transgender women prefer to date men!

Ingrid, a community manager for told us about the site’s population. “We have thousands of profiles belonging to transgender women and the people who want to date them, so we have a large sample population. A majority of the trans women on the site are heterosexual women, meaning, they prefer to date men. There are also many bisexual trans ladies, or at least bi-curious, who arelooking to meet single men and women, or couples. And then there are transgender women who are lesbians who only want to date other women.”

Transgender people can be straight, bi, or gay. Trans women represent a very diverse population of different races, sexual preferences, professions, interests, dreams and hopes. Just because someone is transsexual doesn’t mean they are of a certain sexuality.

TS Sterotypes and Myths Debunked

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