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Amiya Scott is a Transgender STAR

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Gotta celebrate the small steps forward AND the great leaps and bounds ahead. I normally talk about my sexual experiences and perspectives on transgender truths and thought here, but I had a revelation recently that is beyond my ability to contain to my personal sacred celebration space.

I was with a lover and she put me on to the marvelousness that is the show Star on Fox (sorry, blech, I must wipe my fingers and tongue for writing that network’s name here. But I digress!) They must have some redeeming quality or one good-hearted executive because whoever allowed this show to be produced (and written by Lee Daniels) really did some great work.

Star is some kinda pseudo-street version of the Destiny’s Child story, with a talented lead singer and two beautiful backup singers… except two of them get fostered by Queen Latifah (saints be praised, she is still working her cinematic magic!) who plays a super sanctified older church mama with a stanch conservative slant to balance out all the hot, sexy, fast girls sanging R&B on the show.

Queen Latifah’s daughter on the show is a transgender woman named Cotton! It’s an amazing storyline I’ve never quite seen in a TV show, and they play it out so realistically with much insight. Cotton ACTUALLY is played by TRANS WOMAN Amiyah Scott, and she is gor-gee-uss.

Queen Latifah has a “boyfriend” in Tyrese Gibson who plays a pastor in the church that Queen Latifah sangs her heart out inside, and there’s some wonderful complexity shown in how Queen Latifah hides her daughter from her boyfriend, and how Cotton feels about it, as well as how she uses drugs and alcohol to cope with her mother’s ignorance and dismissal of her identity.

There are razor-sharp dialogue exchanges from the point of view that uplifts Cotton, and even refers to her old life as Arnold, and how “Arnold is dead, Mama. Cotton is alive.” AND they go into some sex-work stuff that I won’t ruin for you, but just KNOW that there’s a BEAUTIFUL trans woman acting on TV right now on a major network, telling real trans stories from a real trans perspective… AND they are a trans woman of color, heyyy! Breaking so many barriers and boundaries at once, it’s unreal.

The show is a romp, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! In it’s third season, I have a lot of catching up to do. I think it sets one of the highest bars for transgender truths being told on TV that we’ve seen thus far!

Addi Stewart

Watch “You Don’t Know Me” from season 2 of Star:

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