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5 Trans Singers on the Rise

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Transgender women are making major historical strides in many areas of the public eye, including entertainment and art. Here are five incredible trans musicians you should get acquainted with!

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1. Jordan Gray

Miss Jordan Gray wowed The Voice audience this year with her inimitable vocal talent and spectacular performances covering songs by Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush, and more.

Gray has impressive range, and a distinctive voice filled with character and emotion. From gravelly depths to the sweetest falsetto, she is totally unusual. The emotional intensity she brings to her stage performances will certainly make her a superstar.

Jordan Gray is the first transgender woman to compete on The Voice, and her debut video, Platinum, is the first mainstream pop video to feature a steamy love scene with a cisgender male trans admirer and a trans woman. She wrote the words and music to her first hit. Bravo!

Jordan Gray covering “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen

2. Shawnee Talbot

Shawnee Talbot, who also goes by She King, is an aboriginal two-spirited individual from a small town in Ontario, Canada. The indigenous concept of two-spirited is often translated as “transgender” but Shawnee describes it as possessing “wisdom from the male and female sides of the gender spectrum.” The dynamite singer has been compared to Melissa Etheridge and Pink, but she’s entirely her own woman.

Check out her amazing performance in the video, “Mirror Me.” I can’t wait to hear more from this unique talent.

3. Dalice Malice

If you haven’t encountered the lovely Dalice Malice, who has twenty albums out, it’s only because she’s so low key. Her unique brand of alt-folk-country is understated and poetic, with the occasional sardonic and dark twist that make sense of her name.

Not an artist to be pigeonholed, Dalice Malice describes herself as “artist, musician, singer/songwriter, academic, feminist, bibliophile, striving polymath, poet, zinester, programmer, embroiderist, optimist, idealist, technologist, gardener, and a woman of queer and trans experience.”

Visit her website to discover her writings and videos and an intriguing line up of musical offerings.

4. Ataru Nakamura

Nakamura is an absolutely stunning Tokyo-born beauty, but she is famous as a pianist and vocalist in Japanese pop and traditional Japanese enka-style ballads.

She taught herself to play piano as a young child and went on to play other instruments including the drums.

She came out as transgender in 2007.

Watch this video of her performance:

5. Mina Caputo

For twenty years Mina Caputo was Keith, and he performed heavy metal music from the male gender she was assigned at birth.

Then she came out during her transition as Mina.

Of course there was some backlash in a musical realm stereotyped as full of toxic masculinity. But overall she has been welcomed as a fierce free spirit in the field where she has long had respect. Her band, Life of Agony, continues performing to sell-out audiences.

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