Where and How to Learn More about Trans Women

Whether you have a true attraction to trans women or something of a fetish, it can help to learn more about these women before dating or hooking up with them.

Before writing for I Love TS, I had one friend who was transitioning from male to female, I’d seen men and women who I thought might be transgender, and I’d read about trans celebrities and watched shows with trans characters. But I still felt like I didn’t have enough information.

I learn a lot about trans people from stories and articles online that are written about or by transgender folks. Some are personal stories, others are dating blogs or news articles. I come upon these sometimes when I’m searching for something specific, but often it’s just through a link on social media that has me curious.

I hope that other people are educating themselves too, especially men who have a thing for trans women. What I’ve heard from some guys, is that it’s solely porn that gets them into transexuals. I can’t say some TS porn isn’t hot because I’ve gotten off to it myself, but it’s never a good idea to equate real life sex from porn fantasy.

With more strong trans women visible and sharing their stories, why not learn from the source. So much of what they write about is eye opening, while other things don’t seem that different from cis women (especially when it comes to dating and relationship basics).

You want to treat trans women like the women they are, but it’s also important to understand some of the struggles they face, as well as their individual journeys. The more serious a relationship you want, the more you’ll want to learn.

If it’s just hookups you’re after, you don’t need to know everything except to treat them with respect during the online dating process. They might not want you to know anything personal, and that’s how it is for many casual-sex seekers. No strings means no strings.

You can find out so much through Googling, but it’s awesome if you can learn from the trans women you meet. Remember, it’s always better to straight up ask them about something you’re unsure of, rather than assume and embarrass them or yourself with inappropriate dialogue or actions.

Where do you learn about transgender women?

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