The Vee String: Vagina Prosthetic for Gender Affirmation

I got a letter from a dude who was certain he was the only guy on earth with a thing for rubber vaginas.

While most guys use silicone or latex vagina toys to masturbate to simulate the vagina, or stand in when the real deal is in short supply, there are lots of you who find the toy arousing in and of itself.

There are as many sex toys and porn reenactments as there are fantasies. Just as cartoon-sized silicone breasts had their heyday, the vee string, or vagina prosthetic, might be a turn on for many.

I don’t have any expertise as a doctor, psychologist, transgender woman, or any particular experience in the fetish of or use of artificial vaginas, but that said, the vagina prosthetic exists. And it has many uses that can serve women who want a vagina, but don’t want to or can’t remove their penis. It can also be fun for guys with a kink for rubber pussy.

The Vee String…

Helps Her Look the Part

The prosthetic vagina is a tool of gender affirmation. A transgender woman may choose to leave her original body in tact because gender-affirming surgery is painful, expensive, or not desired for any number of reasons.

The v-string straps on the same way a g-string is worn, hence its nickname. It’s basically a latex or silicone vulva, with detailed labia and clitoris. She slips into it like panties, and visually resembles a cis woman anatomically.

Can Reduce Gender Dysphoria

Lots of trans women are comfortable with their original anatomy, before surgery or instead of surgery. But lots aren’t. She may be comfortable as a woman with a cock in everyday life, but when it comes to sexual expression, the dysphoria is stronger with a penis in the way.

Even though lots of men love girl dick, the important thing for her is how SHE feels. Wearing a prosthetic vagina can make her feel more comfortable during sex.

Is a Masturbation Tool, for Her

In the privacy of her own home and mind, the vee string can help transgender women masturbate with genitalia that matches her identity.

The rubber vagina can be worn so that the head of the penis is underneath where the clitoris is, allowing the sensations that are natural to women, and enabling her to use a dildo or finger to penetrate her vagina.

Is for Guys with a Kink for Rubber Vaginas, or Love of Pussy

If your girlfriend has a penis, it can be painful to wait for her surgery. And if she chooses to avoid bottom surgery, the vee string can switch things up for both of you. You don’t want to ignore her cock, unless that’s what she wants, but the prosthetic vagina can allow pussy play as well.

Maybe you love cock and giving a trans woman a blowjob, but you also want to penetrate her. Anal can work, but so can this. If you have a kink for silicone pussy, this works for you too.

Can Be Fun for YOU to Try On

If you’re into pussy, sissification, gender-queer sex, or role playing, it can be fun to wear the vee string yourself!

Tell us how you incorporate the vee string into your sex play!

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