Asking Your Trans Lover to Masturbate

So you want to watch your transgender girlfriend masturbate!

Ever notice that no matter how much hardcore porn is out there, with close-ups of every conceivable variation of penetration and kink and group sex, the videos featuring individual women playing with themselves are still prolific and popular?

The masturbating woman is a perennial turn on. What could be hotter than watching a woman undress and spread her legs for your viewing pleasure?

Finding hot masturbation porn is easy, watching it happen in real life isn’t.

If you want to watch your T-girl get busy with her own equipment, here’s how to make it happen.

Provide Positive Reinforcement during Sex

You might be very vocal when you’re turned on, but if you’re the silent type, she might not be able to interpret the signs. No need for circus acts or artificially loud noises, just express your appreciation and arousal. “I love the feel of your skin” is good, and so are caresses up and down her body. Share compliments specific to her: “I love your thighs” or “I love your soft round bum.”

This reinforcement demonstrates that you find her hot and that she turns you on. This goes a long way to setting the scene for experiment and adventure. A woman who feels confident and desirable is much more likely to want to masturbate in front of you, than one who isn’t.

Ask Her

You can try putting her hand on her cock or pussy, or whispering “show me how.” If the signal isn’t clear, best to say it straight up: “Baby, the thought of watching you play with yourself is a huge turn on. Would you touch yourself in front of me?”

Take It Slow

Even the most wildly sexual and adventurous woman might be self-conscious masturbating in front of a partner.

You might wonder how someone who does crazy things to you in bed or who loves dressing up in skin tight-leather could possibly be shy about playing with herself, but it makes sense when you think about it. Masturbation is what we do when we’re alone. Taking it out of that context can be exciting, but also awkward because it’s usually a private endeavor.

Keep things light, and don’t expect a dildo show right away. Good things really do come to those who wait!

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