Great Gift Ideas for Your Trans Girlfriend

Christmas is a special time, and whether this is your first or your fiftieth holiday with your transexual girlfriend, make it unforgettable for her with these gift suggestions.

Holiday Gifts for Your TS Lover

Put lingerie and stockings in her stocking.

Lingerie is always my go-to gift recommendation, for any guy. There are a few reasons for this. Women don’t buy enough lacy frilly stuff for themselves. It’s intimate and indulgent. And it’s a gift that brings pleasure to both of you.

Now there’s nothing more embarrassing than a well meaning man giving an XXL girl an S pair of panties, or something she doesn’t like, so include the gift receipt with clear instructions. “Try this on, or trade it in for your favorite sweet nothing.”

Many items like panties can’t be returned, so slipping a gift card for her favorite lingerie shop into that stocking is your best bet. And if you want to go full-on sexy, check out the Kink Lover’s BDSM & Sex Toy Store!

Spoil her with silver or gold jewelry.

When a woman means a great deal to you, you don’t have to go over the top to pay big bucks for flashy, expensive diamonds. And that’s too much pressure for her to enjoy. Women do love jewelry gifted from their man, so choose a simple ring or delicate chain in classic silver or gold.

She can think of you whenever she wears a versatile and well chosen item.

Do not buy cheap stones and trendy fashions. Keep it simple and genuine. Don’t spend to impress or break the bank, but enough so that she knows you didn’t get it at the dollar store!

Buy her a gift certificate for a transgender-affirming hair salon.

Women and hair—there are always issues!

Your girlfriend probably struggles more than most of us. She may have a hairline or other concerns like male pattern balding that don’t reflect her femininity, or hair that won’t cooperate because of the hormones and medications she takes.

Do some calling around in your region to find a hair salon that is friendly toward trans women and ideally has some experience with her unique hair challenges.

Invite her for dinner and drinks.

The holidays can be a very lonely time of year for some people, and if your TS girlfriend’s transition and identity has meant alienation from her family and friends, she needs some extra TLC this time of year.

Thankfully many transexual women have a great support network and affirming families and workplaces, but not everyone does. Even if the problems are limited to a few ignorant individuals, the pain of separation during the holidays can be intense.

If your family feast could be a welcoming place for her, include her in the festivities. Just because you find it a bit square going to Christmas mass and a noisy meal with the folks doesn’t mean your girlfriend will—she may relish the togetherness and feel happy to be a part of it.

While inclusion is one of the best gifts you can give anyone, if your family is far away or not a safe space to bring your transgender date, then set aside a few nights that you two will spend together doing holiday activities. You might take a drive to see the best decorated yards, join a caroling group, or pick out a real Christmas tree to decorate. Follow these festivities with a nice meal and fine wine.

How do you celebrate the holidays with your trans girlfriend?

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