Finding Love with a Trans Woman

Many guys have told me they’ve spent a lot of time dating online and off, and haven’t met anyone they connect with. When men confide in me that they can’t find a girlfriend, I sometimes give them advice they aren’t expecting: consider dating trans women.

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No, transgender gals are not a last resort or a consolation prize. Nor do they deserve or want seconds, castoffs, or men who aren’t connecting to women because they are jerks, bullies, or full of themselves.

I’m talking about you guys who are having trouble finding a girlfriend because you’re too stand-up, too caring, too nice.

Some men possess a quiet masculinity that some women overlook in their eagerness to find flash and excitement.

And some men take their responsibilities to work and family seriously, but their dates expect to be the only one, not the number one.

Other men are simply shy and take a longer time to unravel, and women with a ticking biological clock can be impatient.

And then there are men who do not want children, cannot have children, or already have children. And the women they meet are seeking long-term relationships in hopes of starting a family. This can take a gent out the running.

These men have standout profiles and a proven track record of character and still sometimes have difficulty matching up with Ms. Right. So why not consider a TS woman?

If you’re here reading this, chances are you’re already thinking about dating a trans lady.

Maybe you’re curious what’s in store or who can and should date transgender girls and how you should act. Maybe you landed here by chance and you’re thinking that you’re not the kind of guy to date trans people because you don’t want to fetishize someone, or you don’t have any experience meeting folks from the transgender community. Or maybe you’ve just never really thought about it one way or another.

Here are three considerations to take into account.

You and trans women may have unexpected needs and motives in common.

You’re both tired of playing games—of participating in what feels like dating and mating contests, and would just like someone to appreciate you for who you are.

Trans women can be overlooked.

It’s difficult for anyone to make the right love connection, and trans people have extra challenges meeting dates through no fault of their own. Even as society makes great progress towards human rights for trans folks, it still takes a special soul to be open minded and to broaden their dating horizon to include trans women.

And many of the good men who are open minded and maybe even attracted to trans women are looking to start a family, which is totally natural. But all of this means a narrow spectrum of potential suitors. There are simply not enough available quality men to go around, so you have a great chance to meet a kind, beautiful woman who is looking for you.

Trans women are gorgeous and feminine.

Is it superficial to take note of beauty and feminine details? I don’t think so. Trans women pay more attention to aesthetic details, to mannerisms and posture, than we cis-girls. I just throw up a ponytail and seldom get a manicure, but many of these women know about poise and perfume and pearls, and you will always feel like you’re on a date in a classic Hollywood film.

What do you think? Why not strike up a conversations with a trans woman and see where it leads?

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