How to Find Love Relationships with Trans Women

Men who want to meet transgender partners for long-term romance and marriage have unique challenges.

A person might only meet a few transgenders in his or her life. There may be no out trans women in your office, neighborhood, or beyond. If you’re lucky enough to meet trans women, that’s no guarantee that she’s the right fit for you to date or marry.

So how do you proceed?

Join a niche dating site because meeting trans women through online dating is your best bet. 

Make it clear in your online dating profile that you’re seeking long-term relationships or marriage. Keep your focus. Dating is challenging for anyone, and when you have specific tastes AND a major commitment in mind, you have your work cut out for you.

Angelo, a trans admirer who has been in a happy LTR with a trans woman for years, says, “It’s easy to assume that lasting love will be impossible to find, that no trans women are looking for marriage, or that you just won’t meet the right girl. That’s defeatist.

Be very specific on your profile. It’s true that many people aren’t ready or willing to settle down, but you’re not looking for many people. You’re looking for one woman, the right one.”

Be open to the unexpected because people fall in love in mysterious ways.

“Ironically, I was buying perfume for my (cis) girlfriend,” Michael, 42 says. “The brunette who wrapped my purchase was a knockout and really funny. There was electricity, but I was happily involved and stayed that way for two years. Roz and I broke up because she was seeing someone else. I was messed up and didn’t date for awhile.

One day I needed socks and a shirt and went shopping. Turns out Becky was still working there! That was almost ten years ago, and I’m thankful every day that my ex-girlfriend loved fancy cologne.”

Look in places where women might be looking for lasting love.

You’re not the only person looking for a relationship. There are singles’ nights, mixers, meetups, cruises, and all kinds of hubs for people seeking someone else. When a friend complained that these events are for losers, I went through the roof. “Okay, fine,” I said. “You’re a loser.”

“Point taken,” he said, realizing quickly that being prejudiced against people who can’t find anybody is pretty dumb for someone who can’t find someone!

I feel strongly that meeting trans girls online is more likely, but my trans girlfriend says it’s a mistake to leave out trans women who want to attend events like baseball games or singles’ dances like anyone else.

Find true love where you are most at peace.

Robbie, 29, says, “We both love the looks on people’s faces when they ask where we met and we say, at church!”

Robbie says his spiritual life is central, even if his sexual tastes might be considered unorthodox to some. “I don’t answer to them. I answer to the Being who created beautiful transgender women.”

A lot of spiritual centers today from every belief are modern and affirming to trans people.

“It never occurred to me that I might meet the most important person in my life in the most important place in my life. It was like a sign that there really is something to having faith—things will work out, if you let them.”

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