5 Major Myths about Transexuals

1. Trans Women Are Just Extremely Gay Men

While there is long tradition of gay men dressing in drag, this is done more as performance art in their community, done for playfulness or camp potential. While some trans women identify as gay men before coming around to the realization that they are in fact women, muddies the water a bit, but most gay men love being men as much as heterosexual men love being men. They might be tops, bottoms or versatile, but regardless of their preferred position or where they might fall on the masculine/feminine behavioural traits and mannerisms scale, gay men are men who enjoy having sex with men and are not a transitional form or in-between designation of the heterosexual man and the transexual woman. There are trans women who while born male were attracted to females and make the transition to female, their attraction to other females remaining unabated. Sexual orientation is independent of gender.

2. Trans Women Are Gay Men Hoping to Attract Straight Men

As previously stated, trans woman are not gay men. Gay men have no shortage of straight men on dating sites or personals listings, where they find all sorts of straight men to satisfy their needs. The underlying premise is particularly repugnant however, as many trans women have lost their lives to sexual partners who felt they were tricked into having consensual sex with a woman, and then flew into a rage at the notion that they might have had sex with someone possessing a Y-chromosome. These men often think the she-males and “chicks with dicks” they see in porn as a man trying to be something of a woman rather than as a woman trapped in a man’s body.

3. Sexual Reassignment Involves Cutting Off One’s Penis

Sexual reassignment surgery, or genital reconstructive surgery does not entail cutting off of the trans woman’s penis, rather the penis is refashioned into the new female genitals, basically sectioned into three pieces. The tip is refashioned into the clitoris, the shaft is deskinned and inverted and turned into the vaginal canal, and the the scrotal tissue is made into the vulva and the folds of skin one would find on a cisgender female. Surgical techniques of today construct vaginas that look almost indistinguishable from the vagina of a cisgendered female’s. The only items discarded as part of the surgery are the testicles.

4. Trans Women Cannot Experience Sexual Gratification Post-Op

Every individual is just that, an individual, and like many cisgender woman have difficulty achieving orgasm. The genital surgery described above places the penis, inverted, into the constructed vaginal canal allowing for the recipient to have sensation of what’s going on down there through the very same nerves that provided for male orgasms earlier in the patient’s life. Many transexuals who have sex after the procedure report no difficulties in achieving orgasm. Transitional genital surgery is not the removal of one’s sexual apparatus, just reshaping it to a new form.

5. Gender Reassignment Is about Being Uncomfortable with Gender Roles

This is a conflation of gender identity with gender expression, and just as there are trans woman lesbians, there are trans women who don’t aspire to the traditional gender roles, either becoming butch or tomboy trans women. Trans women make their transitions because they are uncomfortable with their male bodies, not because they are uncomfortable with male gender roles.

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