When Trans Sex Is Too Intense

I experienced something once that was stunning and hard to put into words, until I was able to reflect upon it. I had no idea this physical manifestation was possible, and even though it was kind of obvious upon reflection, there’s nothing in the world that warns a person about this possibility when they have sex with a trans person.

It’s not a universal truth, as there is no such thing in sex with humans—not that I know of—and I’ve been with trans folks, women, and had oral sex with men. There obviously is always more to learn and experience with people.

I was in a hotel with a trans woman for their first sexual encounter post-op (as far as I knew, not that it mattered, but that’s what I was told). We were having a lovely time getting to know each other. I was quite surprised at their fiery sexual passion—an instant match for my own sexual energy. It wasn’t a surprise because they were trans, but because not many HUMANS period match my sexual intensity, truth be told!

I am a very passionate individual, and I don’t often find someone who accelerates intimacy as fast as I would like. Welp, here it was! We fooled around HOT and HEAVY for the cameras (we were making a sex video.) It was awesome. The people watching were very happy, but also shocked at the intensity of the situation.

There came a point when I was educated on something I’d never experienced—they moved TOO fast for my liking! I was shifted into a position I had never known, and had to slow things down for just a moment because the entire room and surroundings were unfamiliar. I needed to get my bearings.

They didn’t want to stop, though, so I did something I’d never done before—I grabbed them by the shoulders, looked them in the eyes, and said, “Slow down.” I took a breath and added, “We are going to do it . . . just in a few minutes.”

And they heard me. I had never ever had that sexual experience with a trans person, and it’s not like it’s not possible, but until it happens, you can’t really imagine it. I felt an energy shift I had never known, and I felt more feminine than ever. It was so enlightening.

After I got my mind balanced, we fucked of course, and it was hot as hell. I just never experienced the energy powers shift so quickly and so differently. It can happen with anyone and to anyone. It’s amazing to feel and see from the other angles.

Addi Stewart

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