Transgender Women and Libido

Many men who love transgender women imagine that they will be getting the best of both worlds: a woman with the sexual stamina of a woman and the sex drive of a man. The reality is more complicated than that.

A major driver of an individual’s libido, regardless of sex, is the body’s testosterone levels. Many transexual women who haven’t undergone hormone therapy have the strong sexual impulses that one associates with cisgender males, though psychological factors like body dimorphic disorder and the dislike of one’s penis can and do inhibit their enthusiasm for sexual activity.

Once hormone therapy begins, it is completely normal for whatever libido there was to diminish substantially, as estrogen and testosterone duke it out in one’s body. Another side effect of MTF hormone therapy is that the male genitalia tends to get smaller and much less sexually responsive to stimuli. This is a welcome development for individuals going through the therapy but can be difficult for those in a relationship with a transexual. Immediately following vaginoplasty, one is in no position to copulate, and the only source of testosterone is now produced in comparatively trace amounts in the adrenal glands.

So that’s the physical factors working against having a strong sex drive for transexuals and transgenders. But as the old saying goes, your biggest sexual organ is your brain, and when a woman is making progress towards becoming the woman they’ve longed to be, there can be significant improvements in libido based on these psychological factors.

After about four months of receiving gender reassignment surgery, the depression born from all those years of living in the “wrong” body are firmly in the past and the nervous system has had time to adjust. It’s common to have a return of what would be considered to be a “normal” sex drive, but those who are pursuing trans ladies should be aware that they are indeed women and generally do not have the same sexual appetites as their male counterparts. Re-introducing sex, especially post vaginoplasty needs to be done with care and under the advice of a medical professional.

Everyone is an individual and some women, no longer stuck with the wrong body and equipment, find that their sexual appetite has reached new heights now that they are fully-realized females. Those with low sex drives are less likely to actively seek the company of others for sex and are quite content to be female who are not sexually rapacious. Fortunately for those who are seeking transgender women, there are a number of online dating options, from sites for long-term and traditional relationships like to sites that cater to those looking for hookups like or

As the transgender community gains wider acceptance, as well as a greater understanding of the lives and experiences of individual trans women, finding someone for a fling or relationship has never been easier. Just remember that a little communication can go a very long way towards making those experiences positive for both of you.

What experiences can you share about you and your partner’s sex drive? Please leave a comment!

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