Traversing Transgender: It’s Complicated

Seriously, it’s not easy. For anyone, right? Cause I know it’s not easy for me to navigate the new world that is unfolding. I love it, welcome it with open arms, and want it to crush the old world ways into a billion anti-patriarchal pieces.

I cheer for all humanity to evolve happily, but we are crawling and walking baby steps into education about transgender truth, and babies fall when taking baby steps! It’s the nature of growth.

I’m happy that more people have been willing to remain close and cool whenever mistakes are made, but the occasional person still decides to stop connecting when emotional or pronoun accidents happen.

I have a weird scenario that has been lingering, and I don’t know what will happen. I have a transgender guy who I know that I want to be close with and have spent time together with and really have good chemistry with as friends. But there is distance caused because their partner, who I respect and like, likes me too! BUT I don’t have the same chemistry as I have with the transgender guy, so the entire scenario keeps collapsing whenever any of us try to spend time together.

Friendships aren’t finding foundation, and sexual situations keep getting cancelled and rescheduled. It’s such a weird thing, and it’s not really easy to talk about… or control. It’s because of these weird intangible things about personality, connection, intention, expression, affection, and progression.

No matter what though, it all comes down to alignment—if people don’t have it, they don’t have it. Maybe it’s in the stars, maybe not. Time will tell the truth to us all. I’m patient and hopeful…

Addi Stewart

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