Transitions in Transgender Relationships

There was this one time… not at band camp. No, but I did play flute when I was a young lad… not the skin flute, you naughty little scamp! Just a regular metal one. But I digress!

There was this one time where I had a threesome with two gender fluid, trans people, and it was marvelous. We all got together in various beautiful formations and ways, and made magical moments, shared some sweet kissing, touched each other in tender places, and enjoyed our naked niceness with normal natural neutrality.

There also was a financial element involved, which was slightly unique in how it made us interact, and why, but the connections were all there before money and art came into play. I was with one trans person, who was with the gender fluid person. When it came time to play, it was both holistic and commercial, strangely. But that wasn’t the weird part.

The part where things became intriguing is when the relationships started falling apart after the event…

First, the gender fluid friend stops seeing the transgender friend. I hear it wasn’t the best of separations. And then oddly, I ended up doing some random public thing with the gender fluid friend, and I normally never see them. We both subconsciously chose to not speak about our mutual friend, even though they are the only reason we even know each other. It was a lesson in silent awareness.

Anyways, I ended up sharing more erotic connections with the transgender person, and that was nice. Then it changed very drastically, and it was NOT nice at all. I had a painful separation from the transgender person, and it was hard on my heart.

Then, I heard the two of them both might have hooked up again. But I wasn’t close enough to either of them at the time to confirm this like I normally would have, when things were closer between us all. It was a strange set of circumstances unfolding, to be sure. And, of course, after a certain amount of time… the transgender person came to see me again.

We made love marvelously. It was awesome to feel, to be honest. I wished it continued for more than one time (but one time is better than none and done).

All this to say that I have experienced some very interesting and unpredictable relationship trust shifts and resurrected connections with my transgender lover, and they always teach me new things about my own heart. It’s wild and wonderful. But not always wonderful. I love them, even when I wonder, though…

Addi Stewart

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