Transgender: Undefinable, Like All Other People

What is a transgender person? I don’t know the answer to that. And I’m okay with that. Why? Because there isn’t a single answer. Just like there is no single answer to “what is a man?” or “what is a woman?” And there is a tendency in our tiny little ignorant and innocent human brains to seek to categorize and compartmentalize everything and everyone.

We can’t figure out how to interact and connect with energies and entities that we do not have any familiar ideologies about. Not too many of us are the type to venture out into a city and community and situation that is completely out of our conscious comfort zone. But it’s something that always teaches and informs and educates us in ways that we can not ever know ahead of time before the lesson comes.

What will it be like to ask a trans person what their transition is? It will be different for almost every person you have the heart to ask. But that moment of compassionate humanity will teach you in ways that very few other experiences will teach you, and it’s a blessing to learn.

How often do you simply bare your soul and expose your naivete in a genuine journey to explore an aspect of existence you are unaware of? When we are kids, it’s no big deal. We ask “why do birds fly south for the winter?” or “why is the sky blue and not purple?” and such. There is no question a child thinks of that is beyond the realm of curiosity and consideration. If they don’t know, they just ask their parents. But who teaches parents about transgender identities and non heteronormative sexuality? I don’t know, but they sure need more work.

The fact is: transgender truths are JUST beginning to be accepted by the masses at large. Their visibility has been near zero for centuries. This is new territory we are all entering, as humans. Not as just men or women, but as human beings, which can be an infinite mix of either. Or something beyond all gender categorizations and concepts! If someone’s identity presentation is beyond “male” and “female”, that’s it.

Meet them! I just learned a pronoun for someone who is not “male” or “female” or even “they”. They use the term “zir” or “ze”. If someone said, refer to me as “zir” that would be unique to most of our individual experiences in the western world. But here we are!

New identities want new levels of acknowledgement and respect. New souls want new awareness to evolve. New people want new dignity! And just because you don’t know everything about another person, or a subculture or a group, does that mean you can’t respect them yet? It shouldn’t. A person should not require complete understanding of another individual before they can respect them equally on a parallel level.

It could be Syrian refugees trying to come to one’s country, or gay Russian athletes trying to escape persecution, or transgender Ugandans and Saudi Arabians seeking safety: all people deserve love, respect and protection. And I know my education of each of those groups of people is different, yet no matter how much or little I know about someone’s foundation and culture and history, I wish them the best in love and life.

And I look forward to meeting them at some special place where I can continue learning about their true nature and their sexual spirit!

With every transgender person I meet, I learn more and more about the infinite awesomeness of the human being.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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