Transgender and Stereotypes

It Could Happen To Anyone

Have you ever made a stereotypical assumption in FAVOR of some group of people? I’m sure we all have done it.

“Asian people are better at math!” “German people are more efficient than most!” “Africans can dance like nobody’s business!” And so forth.

I’m not sure how many of us want to publicly or privately confess their subtle sweet stereotypical beliefs, but they exist and function in our brain randomly.

I have one that I’m going to confess here, and it mostly stems from my personal experience, thankfully. It also can’t be taken as sacrosanct, no matter how positive those intentions are. You know where good intentions pave your ass a one-way ticket to. If you don’t, get yer ass some fireproof panties! 

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I have a positive stereotype that I believe and think, and even if it’s not detrimental or disrespectful, it is a distortion of reality, which as usual, makes truth the first casualty in the war of human evolution. Whether positive or negative, we can’t harbor stereotypes as facsimiles of truth and reality that we are too lazy to actually learn the details and depth of.

We might have to um, OPEN up our brains and use the pink mush inside to reach some kind of logical conclusion to a problem in love or life! Wow, what a concept.

“ALL transgender people are inherently more intelligent than the average man or woman!” is what I believed for quite a while, and kinda sorta still think in the back of my mind hole. For the most part, I do not blindly assume a trans person is smarter, more courageous, or more advanced than the rest of us, even though in MANY MANY ways, I do believe they are. Just not 100%, and NOT to the point of emotional or sexual infallibility.

I can’t assume that entering a process that sheds the past of one’s identity will guarantee the shedding of one’s garbage bags of shit, jealousy, petty behaviour, and whatever else ANY human being has to choose to unlearn if they want to.

A VERY sacred and sweet lover who came into my life recently just hastily and hesitantly put up flimsy boundaries between us, in a futile attempt to stop her from feeling our magic. But the second time we met up, our magic expanded sooo much more and we couldn’t even stop it! We just had to watch it as it stomped and danced all over our logic… it was awesome. We were destined for some great thing, it’s obvious!

But: what will happen emotionally and physically, when this angel’s other transgender partner, and their uncompromising and controlling attitude and attempt to eliminate the intimacy of said mutual sweetheart, begins to meet the unstoppable force of my ultramagnetic passion?


Bat-Addi over and out!

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