The Rights and Wrongs of Trans Pronouns

There are levels to this shit. All of this shit, both the yummy shit and the ugly shit. And one level that I have to bear witness to a surprising amount of times—but remain silent and/or exceptionally sensitive to—is the complex gender dilemma of hypocritical pronoun acceptance.

I get it! I really do get it. I’m not even mad at it. I just have to swallow a quirky-tasting pill every time I’m with a cis woman who is speaking to a trans person, and the woman says, “Yeah, so she did this, and she did that” while talking about another trans person, and they are completely cool with it, just agreeing and nodding along, making no big deal and giving less than any tangible fucks about the misnamed pronoun.

When I make the mistake of calling that trans person by any kind of reference to women, I get my balls cut into tiny little chunks and fed to a feral dog, or a fate not too dissimilar to that one, sadly.

Maybe trans people believe that women are also oppressed enough to not have to bring more aggression or more division to their solidarity in struggles together, and I get it. Because I’m a black man, I totally know what it’s like to allow certain people some privileges that other people don’t have.

Of course, some trans allow women to touch them in ways that men NEVER could or should. It’s just a bunch of parallels that zig zag and criss cross all over each other, and it’s hard to jump from one to the other without it spinning your brain backwards!

So, I just wanted to say something about it, just an observation from a random human being trying to tell truth in his sexy-ass life. I am not going to call out a trans person for who they allow and don’t allow to escape extradition from their life for fucking up their pronouns. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s almost happened to me.

I say “they” and “them” more than anything else, and I try to show love and understanding. I don’t mind being called any pronoun anyways, whether “he” “she” or “they.” But my favorite pronoun is Love. *hand claps for Sean Combs*

In love and truth,
Addi Stewart

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