Loving and Learning through Trans Experiences

I really love that I don’t have to exaggerate any of these details in any of the stories that I tell. The only thing I do is remove names and revealing statistics and outing descriptions! Names have been changed to protect the innocent and warn the guilty!

I don’t judge people. I just analyze problematic behavior and believe that everyone is worthy of redemption and capable of healing, no matter who they are! I know that I’ve been a bit critical of trans people here, because I just don’t want the fact that I love them (and women) more than I generally love men to mean that I put trans people on a pedestal, and not think of them as human beings with failings and flaws like any man or person. Still, there are wonderful things to learn and love and share life’s best parts of with and from trans people.

I learned one thing well recently: live and let live.

So, I’m at a private party and see this super gorgeous lover who I haven’t seen, nor held in ages. We scoop one another up in each other’s arms immediately and start pouring information, passion and eye contact all into each other’s auras at overload speed right in the middle of the party. Her and I have a magic connection that we rarely get to explore deeper, always due to circumstances beyond our control. Tonight was not going to be any different.

In the middle of minute three of connecting super deep and sweet, an interruption happens.

A trans sex worker I know and respect comes up to us and says, “It’s a go. Can you meet us in fifteen minutes at the location?” My lover evaporates from my thirsty fingers faster than my tears of joy could drop onto her sweet cheeks.

Anyone who has a threesome arranged is just someone who you let have their cake and eat it too, no matter if that cake was JUST about to be spoon fed into your mouth… so yes, this trans friend of mine obliterated a very sacred and special moment that my relationship with a particular lover sincerely needed… but I knew why it had to happen. Business, never personal.

Live and learn, love and love more,
Addi Stewart

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