How to Know You Landed a Good One

Relationships are complex. It might be hard to tell if your lover or partner is truly into you. Here are some subtle but simple cues you can pick up on to know if you found a great one!

Is Your Date at Ease?

Dating can be stressful, but it’s always a good sign when your match seems at ease. Look at their body language. Leaning back in their chair with an open posture, smiling and laughing, and looking you in the eye are all subconscious cues that your date is feeling you.

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What’s Their Sexual Body Language?

A lick of the lips is all it takes for a guy to let slip that he’s interested in sex with a lady. For transwomen, a twirl of the hair between the fingers or biting the lips is a subconscious action that signifies sexual attraction. Also, pupils dilate when they see something they like, so if you’re date’s pupils look like saucers, they’re not on anything, they’re just really into you!

Do They Accept Hard Truths?

The truth can hurt sometimes. You know you’ve got someone great, if they’re able to tell you about difficult times in their life. Talking about emotional or challenging events really builds strength in a relationship. If someone can share these things with you, it’a a sign that they’re really into you, and trust you deeply. This is the foundation of any great relationship.

Can They Be A Considerate Conversationalist?

A great date will ask you about yourself, as well as talking about themselves. A balance between talking and listening is always a positive sign that your partner is actively interested in everything about you, and vice versa.

Have You Seen Them Unplugged?

Janine, who works for the TS dating site, appreciates men who are able to disconnect from their devices during a date. “I like a guy who can ignore his email for two hours, and pay attention to me instead! I might work for a mobile dating site, but when I go out on a date, that’s the real world.” Unless there’s an emergency, there’s no reason to check your phone during a date. Show your match that you’re interested by unplugging when you are with them.

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