Celebrating Intersex and the Gender Spectrum

The world is going places nobody could have ever imagined or understood, and I have to laugh at the Neil DeGrasse Tyson saying: “The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” This also applies to human sexuality!

I just wanted to take some time and say “much love and respect” to all the beautiful humans who do not exist in the cis-gender binary spectrum, and that we are all better off when we humble our ignorance, eliminate our fear, and open our hearts to listening and learning how to accept the existence of people’s identities beyond our own comprehension and our own basic selves.

Some cis heteronormative people grow up with gay or lesbian brothers and sisters in their family, and it (hopefully) automatically opens their understanding and compassion, but if the basic myth is true, that only leaves 10% of people (the general statistic of non-hetero people in any given society on earth) to enlighten the rest. And that’s a lot of work to do, considering sex is the most silent subject in the world!

I would like to celebrate a milestone that recently came about: HAPPY INTERSEX DAY!

October 26th was International Intersex Day, and I just wanted to show some love to the intersex people out there who are misunderstood and maligned by society. I can never forget the experience I had a few years ago when I was shooting a feminist adult film with local friends.

I began a passionate sexual relationship with an intersex woman for the first time in my life, and she taught me so many things about non-binary and non-traditional sexuality. She had cultural and racial understandings of issues and struggles that were far beyond my emotional awareness, and even my intellectual strength to process and support her through.

I did my best, but there were times when I know I failed to be as aware as she would have liked, through no fault of my own. I didn’t think “intersex” was the same as “transgender” but they both kinda exist in a similar space of unspoken sexual identity in our society, and I want to change that.

There are so many different types of intersex people, just like there are transgender people, but they are best suited to tell their stories and truths, I feel. I just want to open the door of my heart and mind to let them in, and teach me who they are, and how they live and love.

Thank you for being amazing,
Addi Stewart

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