Becoming Vulnerable with Trans Women

So many questions in this sexual universe don’t have an answer. Many complicated ones, and many simple ones. When does puberty begin? When does life officially begin? How many men think about sex every seven seconds? Ha ha.

There are so many questions, and as we collectively grow and experience the mystery called life together, we shall continue to learn things. Oddly, the more we know, the more we know we can’t know certain things, especially when they pertain to the personal, the sexual, and the particular. Is it meant to remain a mystery, some things about us?

If all relationships can grow infinitely as long as life is shared, then at what points in time are we required, expected, or suggested to share certain truths? Transgender people experience this question on levels that cisgender people will NEVER COMPREHEND. This includes me, as a cis man.

I am sexually intimate with trans people, both men and women, and I simply feel like sharing some of my truth before I step back to learning more. I had an intimate experience recently where I got together with a trans person to enjoy our full erotic company. Even though this person and I have actually known each other for about five years and counting, this was our first completely vulnerable and sexual moment.

We had previously shared countless conversations about sex, power, religion, spirituality, government, existence, aliens, the sun, the moon and stars and beyond, but they had never actually said the words to me, “Hey, I’m trans.” They have seen me shoot porn with trans people, so they know I’m accepting and respectful and loving.

They never told me their gender, but I did know some things while other details were new to me. You know what they say: God is in the details.

Truth is light, and there is no growth in nature without light. Let’s see how soon we can share our truth’s lights and grow together.

Addi Stewart

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