Health Benefits from Sex with Your TS Lover

As if you needed any more excuses, reasons, or motivations to get it on! 

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Science is on the side of sex, and lots of it. And benefits go beyond the body—sex is super healthy for the heart and soul and mental health.

Health Benefits from Sex with Your Trans Lover

A long life.

You want to be together forever, and lots of sex can get you closer to eternity.

One predictor of longevity is frequent orgasms! Countless studies have shown that doing it more means getting more years out of your lifetime.

This is multi-factorial: stress reduction, exercise, and pleasure hormones all contribute to living la vida longer.

Let me slip you the hot beef… vaccination?

The old in and out—turns out it’s a great way to inoculate you from disease.

While we are rightly cautious about STDs, regular sex builds our immune systems to help prevent us from catching  the more banal germs that go around.

A little more dirty dancing will make you less likely to come down with every seasonal bug.

Pleasure is good for you.

Life is filled with stress, sorrow, and hard work. Pleasure gives you something to live for. Sharing pleasure deepens the bond between you and your lover. Feeling pleasure reduces the impact of stress, disease, grief, and aging.

I want some more, please!

Pain management.

Sexual pleasure raises your pain threshold, increasing your ability to tolerate pain. It increases endorphin levels and also induces an analgesic effect.

Some of the conditions that benefit from a little old fashioned pain management are migraine headaches, speed of healing from injuries, arthritis, and even depression.

Next time you think, “no thanks dear, I have a headache” consider making love anyways.

It’s true that we don’t feel all that horny when we’re depressed or blinded by a migraine—but what if we just relaxed and went with it anyways? Science says sex helps your body and mind restore themselves.

A better relationship.

Couples who do it frequently are closer. Regular sex with the same person is bonding. Attachment hormones like oxytocin rev up when frequently nurtured. Making love after an argument reaffirms that primary bond as unbreakable, even when there are disagreements or upsets, increasing security and trust for both of you.

There are literally dozens of benefits from touching, and even more from having orgasms.

Why not make time right now for a quickie?

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