5 Tips for Valentine’s Day Shopping

You’ve just started dating a beautiful transgender woman and want her to know you are thinking about her come Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you’ve been together for awhile and you want to show her how special she is to you. But you’ve left it to the last minute. What do you do?

Don’t panic! A lot of men are left scrambling, simply because they find it daunting to choose a gift for their trans lady. Too often, fear of finding the wrong thing means going empty handed. Don’t let this happen to you!

1. It’s the Thought that Counts
It’s the cliché with cachet. The thought does count. The other cliché is true too: better late than ever. Don’t be thoughtless and forget all about her just because you didn’t act sooner. And don’t bring the latest grill accessories or the drill set you’ve wanted. Take a moment and give her that thought: what would she like? If you are thinking about her, the clues and cues are everywhere. What’s her favorite color? Red or white wine… or bourbon? Is she spending time at the gym, or the library?

2. Spoil Her
You don’t have to go all out, but indulging your transgender gal is romantic. Forget practical winter woolies and go for silk stockings or a gorgeous scarf instead. A case of beer might be pragmatic, but it’s better to splurge for a nice bottle of Spanish wine. Forget the sale at the pharmacy and take the fancy French soaps, triple-milled and embossed. Not sure? Ask yourself if it’s something she would routinely buy for herself. If the answer is no, that’s the gift you want.

3. Keep It Simple
Spoil her, yes, but unless you have concrete plans for the future, a giant diamond is too much commitment. Forget the grandiose. A Valentine’s gift is about showing your affection, not about something to prove.

4. The Tried and True Are Tried and True for a Reason
You’ve racked your brain for the right gift. But you don’t know her dress size yet. She’s a bookworm, but you don’t know her favorite authors. If you’re not sure, go with the universally beautiful things… roses, perfume, lingerie, wine, and candles. And chocolate! The only complaint I’ve ever had about these classic gifts is that I want them more often.

5. Express Yourself
When it comes to choosing the right gift for a trans girl, this is the scariest part. It doesn’t need to be! Just as you took a moment to consider her favorite things and that thought that counts, take a moment to ask what it is you are expressing. Your answer will point you in the right direction.

Don’t buy a gift that says you want to treat her like a slut for the weekend, when you want to spend the rest of your life with her. If you want to express how hot she makes you, don’t pick anything that screams commitment. And make it personal. Maybe you first made love in Italy. So choose an Italian wine, not something from California.

Still worried about leaving it to the last minute? Tell her you wanted to save it so she’d be surprised. Tell her some presents shouldn’t be unwrapped until after midnight. Your pants will come off before the first sip of Champagne!

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