Poll: How Sexually Confident are You?

One is not just born a rock ‘n’ roll star in the bedroom. It often takes years of experience to build your sexual confidence. Romancing a trans woman takes a confident man.

On dating sites there is sometimes a section or question that gives you the opportunity to rate your confidence in the bedroom. Many of the men I’ve dated said on their dating profile that they are confident plus. This always takes me by surprise. I think: isn’t it best to downplay your skills a little, so you can be sure to impress her, rather than risk disappointment? And I’ve met men IRL who have openly boasted about their sexual prowess, only to leave me speechless (and not in a good way!) during their performance.

I don’t know about men, but I feel that physical chemistry can alter my confidence. I can be wild and dominant with one man, but feel inhibited and shy with another.

C’mon, guys! Let us know how you really see yourself as a lover. It’s anonymous, and you can check the results after.

How Sexually Confident are You?

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What helps to build your sexual confidence?

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